Meeting Point Trust is an independent registered charity that owns and operates Meeting Point House. It was built in 1988 as a result of a partnership between churches, voluntary sector (through the Council for Voluntary Service), the then Development Corporation and the then Wrekin Council.

Meeting Point House provides low cost office accommodation for registered charities. Their Vision: To promote and facilitate excellence in the community, voluntary, faith and third sectors within a vibrant Telford & Wrekin District in the 21st Century through offering affordable accommodation, facilities and services to these sectors and individuals with the flexibility to accommodate change over time.

From initial analysis of the energy contracts we could see:

  • The customer had two electricity supply meters and one gas supply, the electricity had been billed on estimated readings for the past year
  • One electricity meter was being charged Climate Change Levy at .568pkwh and VAT at 20%
  • The Gas meter was being charged Climate Change Levy at .195pkwh and VAT at 20%
  • All supply contracts were due for renewal in the following couple of Months.

Community Power UK CIC swiftly set about amending billing and charging structures through liaison with its Supplier network and obtaining quotes for contract renewals to achieve the following:

  • Securing new optimised energy contracts for all meters
  • Liaising with energy supplier to ensure future invoices are raised against accurate reads including coordinating meter engineer’s site visits to repair data transmission issues.
  • Serving as an extension to the Client’s internal team acting as Energy Director and dealing with all energy issues as they arise, if said issues haven’t already been pre-empted and prevented.
  • Utilising CRM system to ensure that all future contracts are negotiated at the correct time to secure the optimum rates and avoid any punitive charges.

The Client is now able to spend more time focussing on their core business activities, safe in the knowledge that their energy is being well looked after.

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