Is your business ready for the dramatic increase in Electric Vehicles?

With the use of Electric Vehicles (EV's) set to rise dramatically over the coming years, the provision of EV charging points provides a great opportunity for businesses who act now to attract and retain customers, and employees.


Join a Rapidly Growing Market

As the UK pushes to reach Carbon Neutrality as early as 2030, the electrification of our transport is a key part of all plans and the infrastructure (charging points) are clearly fundamental to this.

Organisations who move first to offer EV charging to their customers will gain strategic advantage and potentially increase the time customers spend at site (whilst they wait for their battery to charge).

Offering this to your staff will also benefit, not least through increased employee satisfaction and improved Corporate Social Responsibility Credentials.

EV Charging points can often be incorporated with Solar PV, creating self-funding Solar Car Ports where combined with Power Purchase Agreements or Financing, providing real carbon and cost savings from Month 1 along with high returns on investment.

Key benefits of EV points

  • Attract customers to your premises and keep them on site longer
  • Help to attract and retain employees with this additional staff perk
  • Improve your Green credentials and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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