Aberdeen Laundry Services are the largest independent laundry and dry cleaners in the north of Scotland.  Their vision is to be the best independent laundry Services provider in Scotland with its strategy focussed on three key pillars:

  1. Servicing a balanced industry segment and services
  2. Driving improved service and margin
  3. Enhancing their people, systems and brand

Energy of course makes up a large part of the operating costs for Aberdeen Laundry Services so we were engaged to create and implement an effective energy management strategy for them.

We performed an initial desktop audit of the energy bills and contracts followed swiftly by an indepth site audit.

The Gas contracts needed to be looked at imminently and a full tender process was undertaken which realised savings for ALS of c£3.5k per annum against the best price offered by their encumbent Gas Supplier.

With numerous Electricity supply contracts with various usages, suppliers and contract end dates, we performed a two-part tender to assess the cost/benefits of aligning these sites with a co-terminus contract through one supplier as opposed to sourcing in an individual/staged basis.  Results on this occasion showed that it would be more cost effective to not place all sites in a co-terminus contract and thus Renewable Hub are managing the sourcing of the electricity contracts on a staged basis to create optimum benefits for Aberdeen Laundry Services.

As a result of the comprehensive audit of the site’s energy and water usage we were also able to put together a proposal to help Aberdeen Laundry Services realise c£1m profit over the next 20 years through the implementation of Heat Recovery Technology which will increase energy efficiency whilst allowing them to take advantage of the Government’s currently generous Renewable Heat Incentive payments.

If you’re looking for a professional, quality, reliable Laundry service in Scotland please visit www.aberdeenls.co.uk.

If you would like to find out more about how we can assist with the optimum energy management strategy for your business, please get in touch


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