Generate your own electricity and save £££'s over buying from the grid

A modular solution for larger electricity users which offers your business long term cost savings on electricity, with the excess heat generated being used either for cooling or heating purposes where the system is installed.

Renewable Hub Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Solutions

CHP is an energy efficient technology that generates electric from natural gas and captures the heat during the process to provide heating/cooling for your business.

The technology offers significant savings for the right businesses, and can be used alongside EV charging solutions to return a real green investment for your company. Perfect for hotels, spas, anywhere with electricity usage over 500,000 kWh per annum with a use for the excess heat generate (e.g. swimming pools etc).

We are seeing huge demand for this product in the current energy environment of rising costs - our innovate PPA funding option allows your company to benefit with no CAPEX expenditure on your part.

Key benefits of CHP

  • Use natural gas to produce lower cost electric whilst producing heating/cooling for your business
  • Modular containerised all-in-one unit
  • Grid generation is 35-50% efficient with heat wastage compared to CHP which can be up to 90% efficient
  • Harness excess heat for hot water or cooling use on site

Please contact us to  find out more about this technology, how it can help your business financials, carbon reduction and the environment.

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Combined Heat and Power Solutions from Renewable Hub