Voltage Optimisation for UK Business

A simple solution exists to reduce voltage over supply, this will save you money and prolong the working life of your electrical equipment. 

Voltage Optimisation with Renewable Hub

Harmonisation with European standards means that most electrical equipment is designed to run at an optimal voltage of 220v.

UK standard grid voltage is 230 volts, but with a +/- 10% variance allowed by regulators it can go as high as 253 volts- if you are drawing more power than your equipment needs then you are paying for it, and potentially reducing the working life of your equipment too.

Voltage optimisation offers a typical saving between 8% and 15% for qualifying customers with an annual electricity spend over £10,000.  In financial terms this can amount to a significant amount saved for your business.

Key benefits of Voltage Optimisation

  • Cost savings energy of 8-15%
  • Increase life of electrical equipment
  • Surge protect your sensitive electrical equipment
  • 20 year warranty
  • Rapid Payback
  • Save money
  • Reduce your company carbon footprint

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