Renewable Hub conducted a light survey with Mark Burgoyne, Director of NockDeighton Agricultural LLP on the back of an existing relationship where we manage the energy procurement for the business.

The key areas to improve lighting whilst benefiting from savings through LED Lighting were identified as the sheep and cattle pens as well as the chicken sales area.

Renewable Hub have installed LED Flood lights down the central aisles for all pens as well as installing a LED Low bay above the all-important auction ring.

The lighting level has increased on a like for like basis on fittings with a projected saving of 54% and 1.54 tonnes of CO2.

The auction house has already displayed its environmental stance by installing Solar PV a few years previous and has now embraced LED Lighting which works in tandem with Solar PV to increase energy savings for the business.

With a low return on investment of just 2.7 years, LED Lighting is proving to be a "no brainer" when it comes to savings, CO2 and environmental benefits. LED Lighting has had many studies done and findings also point towards an improved working environment for people, plus it helps towards the corporate social responsibility of your business.

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