Wenlock Spring Water Ltd is a Shropshire-based producer of premium bottled water drawn from a source that has been in use since 1086.  Their ethos – provenance, style and sustainability and the actions they have taken to affirm this ethos, has led to them receiving official recognition and numerous awards in 2018 for their green practices across the business.

Managing Director, Bruce Orme, was not content to stop there however and when Shropshire Wildlife Trust (who Wenlock Spring Water Ltd support) made him aware of a unique partnership they have with Renewable Hub to assist businesses to move towards carbon neutrality or even beyond, Bruce was quick to engage.

After meeting with Renewable Hub, Bruce was quickly assured that the assistance they would provide would not only help Wenlock Spring to reduce their carbon and their costs, it would also have the added advantage of providing further support to Shropshire Wildlife Trust.  This support coming by way of us agreeing to provide a percentage of our profits to SWT for all work completed for supporters of SWT.

With their energy supply contract renewals fast approaching, we swiftly set about running a tender for Wenlock, focussing on Green offerings from suppliers and ultimately resulting in switching Wenlock’s supply to Ecotricity.  This switch instantly making Wenlock Carbon-Neutral from a mains-power-supply perspective.

Over the contract length this will save 184 tonnes of Carbon, or 45,934 trees to sequester that much carbon in one year.

Renewable Hub are continuing to work with Wenlock exploring numerous other initiatives such as Solar PV, Voltage Optimisation, LED lighting and more to increase efficiencies, further reduce carbon, reduce grid-reliance and secure sustainability of supply.

Renewable Hub look forward to continuing their work with Shropshire Wildlife Trust and their supporters to the mutual benefit of all and of course to the planet on which we all live.

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