Providing a quality laundry service to home and business users, Telford Laundry are an independent professional laundry operation covering Shropshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands and Mid Wales.

Renewable Hub installed new LED lighting in the building providing a much brighter but cheaper light. This has enabled the laundry to ensure there are no marks or stains on their linens whilst reducing their impact on the environment. We were able to apply and secure them a grant to cover 40% of the costs. We have also been managing their energy contracts for 4 years now keeping them on the best tariffs available.

Having suffered with ineffective lighting for many years we decided to improve indoor visibility with an LED install from Renewable Hub.

The response and installation time were both swift and the quality of the install excellent. We expect to see huge savings in lighting-related electricity usage but more importantly, visibility has improved immensely…an integral necessity where linen quality is concerned.

Ben WoodheadDirector

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