AST Plastic containers approached us back in 2022 to help with reducing their substantial energy costs and their journey to Net Zero.

After a detailed analysis of their energy usage we proposed a fully funded, zero capex solution for their two sites, consisting of both Solar PV and  CHP (combined heat and power) self generation.

The roof mounted Solar PV systems can deliver up to 960,000 kWh's of electricity per annum, offsetting AST’s imported power by 28%, and saving 185 Tonnes of CO2

The CHP units are designed to run 24/7 and provide the additional power required beyond the solar capacity. Our CHP units are 'hydrogen ready' for when the UK moves away from natural gas, in the meantime we are offsetting all of the CO2 produced by the CHP / gas usage  - providing a carbon neutral solution for AST plastics and helping them meet their Net Zero targets.

With our zero cost green energy solution, AST have now hedged against energy inflation by purchasing the electricity from the Solar PV and CHP systems at a substantially reduced rate compared to grid tied electricity. Reducing their exposure to the huge volatility in the energy market by purchasing the power at a fixed price for the next 25 years.

We love a success story like this, saving £M's for clients is what we do best - why not see what we can do for your business?

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AST Plastics solar PV by Renewable Hub

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