Storage King, Walsall offers a wide range of units to facilitate all self-storage requirements. They have supported local business and residential customers in the community for some years now.

The building is full of self-storage units with lighting down each corridor area. Renewable Hub worked out the payback for installing LED lighting across the site which was an encouraging 2.9 years payback.  Renewable Hub then looked for local grants to enhance the project and managed to secure a 33% grant through the Low Carbon Workspace grant. This meant the payback became sub 2 years. The LED Lighting increased the light levels whilst achieving a significant saving of the energy bills.

The 5 tonnes of carbon saved per year is the equivalent to driving an average passenger car for 55,550 miles. The life cycle of the LEDs also means that this saving will be seen for circa 15 years each and every year.

We at Renewable Hub love to see the CO2 savings as this is what drives us to do our part for the planet. Not forgetting raising the green credentials for our clients like Storage King.

Customer Feedback

The new LED lighting has made our facility so much brighter.  Long term customers noticed the difference instantly, commenting on the livelier look.

It is good to know that a saving in energy bills accompanies the improved brightness.

Lindsay Dawes
Business Manager

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