Apley Farm Shop is at the heart of the Apley Shopping Village, near Norton, Shropshire, UK. Set in the heart of the Apley Estate & developed by Lord Hamilton in March 2011, its focus is on fresh, local & seasonal produce from Shropshire & the surrounding counties. Local food from local producers for local customers.

The first phase of the energy saving project was to investigate the cost savings through LED Lighting and other renewable technologies. Gavin Hamilton committed to installing LED in the farm shop and also allowed us to purchase his energy contracts to streamline energy savings. We completed the farm shop, exterior lighting and play barn during phase one.

We have recently completed phase two of the LED Lighting which saw the café and a few more shops being converted to LED Lighting.

The end result has been pleasing and the energy savings are predicted to save the site in the region of 65% off the current lighting costs. Coupled with this a CO2 saving of nearly 2 tonnes per year will be saved. This is the equivalent to 2 acres of forest each year being protected.

Customer feedback

We are very pleased with our new LED lighting. It is more convenient than the previous system as it turns on instantly.  The brightness & light temperature are excellent for displaying food.  The expected longevity of the lamps & lower running costs are very welcome for the business.

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