It's not much we get to shout about in a positive way being British at the moment with Brexit and politics dominating world news media for our fare isles. But our energy sector is making huge strides in providing clean renewable energy available for homes and business after declaring at the start of May 2019 that the UK went coal free for over one week.

This has since been toppled by the fact that the national grid has been coal free since 17th May when it switched off coal supply, a full two weeks and counting of renewable supply. This is a huge step in the direction of switching for good and we hope this is achieved well before 2025.

A large contributor to catastrophic climate change burning coal is now off the agenda as a source of energy supply with many new energy sources being created. With the UK's aim to be coal free by 2025 and this a huge step in the right direction only two years after Britain went coal free for 24 hours. Huge wind turbines now dominate many British coastlines and open mountainside and provide a sustainable energy source for the National grid.

Here at Renewable Hub our sole aim is to help you and your business become as carbon efficient as it could possibly be.

We strive to help our customers achieve their energy targets while reducing their energy usage. We have helped many companies from many different areas of business achieve this. Our very first step is to give you a free energy audit, your first step and we go from there.

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