Sleaford Town Council is the Local Authority responsible for providing essential services to the townsfolk of Sleaford. Their energy portfolio consists of supplies to services such as; allotments, cemeteries, public conveniences, car parks, street lighting and of course the Town Hall itself.

When we first engaged to consult on the Council’s energy supplies, a thorough analysis of all contracts and costs was conducted.

The Council had various contract terms with a number of suppliers, some which required immediate action and others which were diarised for future appropriate action to be taken at the right time.

The Council’s street lighting was on unmetered supply contracts with unfavourable terms so we swiftly set about negotiating new contract terms, identifying savings of circa 20% for the Council.

We are continuing to work with the Council to ensure that all sites’ contract terms are optimised moving forward.

For more information on the work of Sleaford Town Council, please visit their website at

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