It's hard to believe there is a proven technology that can save your business up to 19% on electricity bills, yet most businesses don't even know it exists...

Here in the UK the majority of electrical equipment is CE rated - this indicates that it complies with European Harmonised Voltage Standards, with 'A' rated appliances designed to work optimally between 220-230V (volts).

However, UK grid voltage supplied to businesses varies from 207V up to 253V - if your voltage is too high then you are using excess electricity, and paying for it!

It gets worse, not only are you paying too much, but you are most likely reducing the life of your electrical equipment too, not to mention needlessly increasing your carbon footprint.

Voltage Optimisation: a solution for high electricity bills

What is it ?

A unit which sits between your incoming power supply and your electrical equipment. It reduces your incoming voltage down to 220V, and with an expected lifetime of 40+ years you will benefit from savings year on year.

How much can I save with Voltage Optimisation?

Typical savings are from 10%, up to a possible 19%, though the exact saving depends on a combination of factors:

1. Your incoming voltage

The higher your voltage, the more savings you can expect. UK standard voltage designed to be at 230V though it can vary significantly due to the nature of grid supply, which makes the UK market perfect for Voltage Optimisation.

2. The type of equipment you are operating

Electrical equipment can be 'voltage dependent', where energy consumption varies with the voltage applied to it, or 'voltage independent', where energy consumption does not vary. 'Voltage Dependent' equipment will normally benefit the most from voltage optimisation. 

This sounds confusing, how can I work out savings?

Speak to us today, make sure to have your annual electrical usage on hand, along with the amount you pay for electricity - from this data we can quickly give you an idea of savings for a typical business of your size / usage.

If you like the look of the savings on offer we will then carry out a free site survey to assess your usage in detail - if voltage optimisation will offer real savings for your circumstance we will present a customised solution for your business.

What to expect from Voltage Optimisation with Renewable Hub

  • Trusted experts with years of experience in the energy saving solutions market
  • Guaranteed Savings
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Reduce your electricity costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Prolong the life of electrical equipment
  • Reduce maintenance costs

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