Gloucestershire County Council have become the latest Council to declare a Climate Change Emergency however it is yet to be seen how this will actually affect change

James Pullin
Sales Director, Renewable Hub

James sat on the Energy Panel at the Gloucestershire Business Show in Cheltenham on May 22nd where the County’s Road Map to Carbon Neutrality was being discussed with input from a number of other energy experts.  Gloucestershire Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency a week prior to this was generally welcomed by all.   “Gloucestershire Council are not the first Council to declare a climate emergency however and we can expect to see many more adding to the ever-growing list in the near future” James stated.  Manchester and Bristol both passed motions declaring a climate emergency back in November 2018 and many more have since followed suit.

The common goal of all councils is essentially for their region to become carbon neutral by 2030 which they aim to achieve through a variety of initiatives focussing on infrastructure, commercial and industrial users and domestic properties.  Within these areas, there is focus not just on energy supply and use within buildings but also, of course, on the transportation network.

For the goals to be achieved regionally and nationally, there will need to be strong leadership and legislation from Central Government along with Organisations and individuals playing a very proactive part.  Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy generation and Electric Vehicles are all key aspects of every Council’s plans to reach Carbon Neutrality.

James added “For years, we’ve been assisting organisations to become more energy efficient, to utilise renewable energy, install Solar PV and provide EV charging points. More organisations need to engage to understand that they can cut their Carbon and their Costs simultaneously. Going green doesn’t cost the earth, it saves the planet”

Renewable Hub have the ability to assist all organisations cut their Carbon and their Costs simultaneously.  Through Renewable Hub, organisations have been able to install LED Lighting, Solar PV, Zoned Heating, EV Charging Points and more utilising financing which ensures they see a financial profit from Month one along with the reduced Carbon Footprint and improved CSR.

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