We work closely with many education sector establishments, one of which is Blue Coat School in Birmingham who we supported to change their electric to 100% Green Energy with Ecotricty. 

We urge all of our clients to go green and as such we work closely with the innovative company Ecotricity who are a UK based company with high ethics and principles when it comes to the environment. They have been producing energy through wind and solar parks in the UK for many years. 

Gareth Morgan, Bursar at Blue Coat School said "We took a decision to adopt 100% renewable energy with Ecotricity for our electricity meters in consultantion with Renewable Hub. This was a significant step for the school which demonstrates our eagerness to support the environment. The decision to go green was helped by the competitive price we received versus other suppliers and the fact we will secure a saving of 164 tonnes of CO2 per annum".

For the full details see https://content.yudu.com/web/3z42w/0A3z453/FundEdAutumn2021/html/index.html?page=54&origin=reader 

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